Friday, December 14, 2007

Doesn't this.....

Just make you think of such wonderful christmas's as a child?
I have been following the 12 days on Paper bella and this was one of the pictures for one of our projects. Terese is just so so talented. Its been a great 2 weeks and I only wish it was the 24 days of christmas!
A good friend Sarah Bowen has also been running a 12 days and its been so much fun too. I love the way Sarah just "does it"! She makes it all look so simple and fun!

My christmas present, from Harry arrived this morning.....he has hidden it but lets say its soooooo nice I cant wait to start it.
I have some eczema on my wedding ring finger....suppose its the last few weeks and all that. Well its infected so yesterday I had to have my wedding ring cut off at the doctors! ....see told you my 2008 is just got to be great!!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Back to the scrapping

I was so happy to be the guest DT for de Creatie, this month.

The kit is AMAZING and you so have to sign up for it. I loved it and made lots of stuff, some of which I still have to photograph and send in to Marcia!!

I havnt even got to use the cool stamps yet...really its gorgeous!!

JJ also sent me the new Zingboom kit...arrrgggghhhh again she totally out did herself its so so cool.....I am deperate to start on it!

I had two articles in this months Creatief met photos, including a Prima article using wedding pictures Of my friend KA.....check it out if you get chance.

Hopefully this weekend I get to scrap a bit and chill more week and its vacation!!!!
I still have about 10 los to photograph but here are a couple!!.....see you tomorrow

Saturday, December 08, 2007

trees, Iphone and tears

When you have children life just has to go on. You have no choice.

Its the first year that Samuel really notices the christmas preparations. I really dont feel like a tree and all that goes with it, people who know me well will no that this is then a serious issue, cos I love me a bit a christmas!

But my good friend Bert bought me a tree and left it on the sweet. So yesterday Harry decided it had to be decorated. I have to say it is a beautiful tree.......

As we did this we put the Iphone (oh you so so so have to get one) in the docking station and listened to all the old carols and tunes. Wow it bought back some amazing memories. I really thought I could hear my nana singing.

We used to laugh so hard at xmas, singing and eating, playing cards and its all gone. Just like that.

So for Samuel there is a tree, for Harry constant vacuuming of the needles and for me secret tears shed with an Iphone!

Somehow this grieving thing feels like it is only just beginning.........

Saturday, December 01, 2007

The sun always shines......

on the righteous....

Well thats what they always told me, so I am trying very hard!

I actually dont think I have ever hurt so much. Its like the whole reason for everything is gone. I saw my grandad yesterday.
The first time I just sobbed.
The second time I talked with him and chatted about memories of my life with them both. It was then I realised that part of my sadness comes from trying to deny what those two people actually were to me. I think I did it for two reasons, one for my own protection and two to try to hide things that might disappoint others.
But the truth is that they were parents to me and it hurts like hell that they are gone. Something good will come out of this madness and I already can see its possibilities.

Some words, from Psalm 27 came to me yesterday, whilst with grandad....they gave me unbelievable realisation....realisation that the sun will shine again......

just might take a while for the clouds to float by....x

Monday, November 26, 2007


Its only been 6 weeks since nana left us, now he has gone too.
After loosing my nana he just couldnt take this world and late last night my grandad went to join her.
I have no doubt his heart was broken. Such grief is impossible to describe.

A big chapter of my life is closed and I feel like I need time to make sense, take stock and work out what I need to do to move forward.

A dear friend told me that the hurt is so painful because the love was so deep....I like to believe that. And that they are together smiling at me and still loving me.....

Friday, November 16, 2007

Take a look!

Keep your eyes open know all those amazing scrapbook always wanted to follow a workshop with...well they will be visiting a location near you........ssssshhhhh just dont tell anyone...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bits and Bobs

Lots going on here at the moment….cant wait for noo noo to get here on Wednesday. Its Samuels birthday next week and we are having a Diego party!.....actually there is only him and Noa and Mitchel and Joey but it will be fun!
I have an exciting article to do for CMF with vintage photographs from the owners family and a million altered ATC’s to make for the Fashionista swap.
Gigi sent me an amazing parcel of love this week. Really made me cry and realize what good people there are out there…..
Saturday we have a huge crop in Ede for the dutch Sisters from SISTV. It is going to be lots of fun and scrummy things to eat, photos and music and we are going to do a round robin!!
Katja, Natasja and I are about to start a little venture. Its only small but its something we like and it brings us together and shares something we all are really passionate ! this space but don’t blink, you might miss it!! Lol

I have been playing a lot with my melting pot and soldering iron lately. Its sort of new for me but I really like it. Its given me lots of ideas for xmas giftlets.
I also have a pile of love packages to go out to people and I didn’t forget the altered journal……we have a winner………Thea…..can you email me at so I can send you your gift!!!
I have to be honest, I chose Thea cos at the moment, with all the yuckiness I am glad for the same thing….I have a very very good friend, Jody and sometimes her words make the difference between dark and light….so its why I chose Thea.

Well the swoosh is calling so I have to go but have a nice day….hugs xx